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The Guercio Tapes: An Audio Autobiography of James William Guercio

It’s the only in-depth interview musician, manager and record producer James William Guercio ever gave! In this one hour, 24 minute audio autobiography, Guercio talks candidly about his childhood, early career as a touring musician with Dick Clark’s Caravan, working with legendary artists including Chicago, Paul McCartney, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Beach Boys and so much more!

Learn the secrets behind the signature sound of the first 11 Chicago albums and the legendary Caribou Ranch recording complex. Ever wonder about the calliope at the end Blood Sweat and Tears hit "Spinning Wheel?" He tells the whole amazing story! Find out which Chicago songs were originally meant to be Peter Cetera’s first solo project, and what Jim knew about Terry Kath’s plans to do a solo record. How did JWG help save the Beach Boys’ career?

What People Are Saying About The Guercio Tapes

  • There's a real gem in those Guercio Tapes that explains the making of this amazing song (Spinning Wheel). If you haven't gotten your hands on the Guercio Tapes by I suggest you do.Rick K.
  • Great price and worth every cent. I am now even more of a Beach Boys/Chicago smarty pants. Such interesting stories.Michael B.
  • This answered so many questions I had about Chicago, The Beach Boys and Caribou! The story about Spinning Wheel was awesome. This is a must hear!Ruth B.
  • Everyone will thoroughly enjoy this interview--so glad Patty's making it available for everyone! It gives lots of insights that are not anywhere else.Nanette H.
  • So glad I ordered a copy. Already listened to it 3 times.Mitch D.
  • I didn't want it to stop! Could listen to his stories and experiences all day.Jen M.
  • Jim Guercio has a million fascinating stories, I love it! Thanks for this fun , informative, brilliant recording. I hope there's more !!Beth M.


  1. Terry Kath's Solo Project
  2. Engineer Almost Erases Famous Rock Song
  3. Making Jesus Dance

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